Born in the northwestern city of Neumünster in Germany, it all began in Ghana where Marian Nwaigbo grew up in a family who believed in Jesus and was deeply involved in church but her passion for music began as a Secondary School Student when she joined the Presbyterian Secondary School Choir Tema Ghana.
She later joined the popular Tema Youth Choir founded by her music teacher in Ghana.
As a lead singer, Marian was subsequently hired to perform at government functions including the Ghana state house, private engagements and churches in Ghana.

In 2002 Marian moved back to Germany where she realized that she was being called to do something more with her voice.
She joined the Zion community choir in Bremen Germany, where she led songs and helped in teaching the choir.
As a soloist with the Zion Community Choir, Marian led two songs which won Gold medals at the World Choir Olympics in Bremen Germany and in Xiamen China in 2004 and 2006 respectively.

In 2005 while studying in Dublin Ireland she founded the Fountain Gospel Choir (presently A Glór Gospel Dublin Ireland) becoming the choir’s first Director.
She moved back to Germany to stay with her husband after she got married.

She was employed by Big Mama Productions in Hannover Germany where she performed with the incredible Big Mama and the golden six for 5 years as one of the Golden six.
While working with Big Mama Productions she founded the Walldorf Gospel Choir in Waldorf Germany.
As a Gospel singer and Choir Director, Marian has had many successful concerts within and outside Germany.

Marian is currently based in Switzerland with her husband where she has continued to use her musical talent to bless others.
She currently organizes the yearly Lift Gospel Music workshop in Switzerland.

Marian’s style of gospel music has elements of pop, soul, blues and R&B and singing styles found in urban contemporary gospel.
Marian continues to brand herself as an artist and a vocal couch. Her goal remains to use her platform to encourage others through Gospel music.